Da Udine all’Estremo Oriente

Nel recente Far East Film Festival di Udine si è tenuto un incontro dal titolo Cultural Exchanges Between East and West, al quale ha partecipato anche Andrea Berrini. Il sito Film Business Asia, punto di riferimento nel continente per tutto quello che ruota attorno all’industria del cinema, propone un resoconto scritto della conferenza:

Andrea Berrini, Metropoli d’Asia
I’ve been visiting China for the past 20 years and I always wonder what are the special values belonging to Chinese culture that are distinct from Italian culture. When I decide to import a Chinese author’s works, I realise that I’m finding values [between our cultures] much more similar than I expected. Italian readers are used to thinking about Asian countries as faraway third-world places. But actually the new literature from China is about a new generation that are very much like Italians, especially in the big cities. They have a middle-class that has the same values as us. This is something of a surprise. We Italians are facing the same challenges as the modern Chinese. In fact, China reminds me of the Italy of the 1960s. The Italy of the economic boom when families started having cars and women were not prepared to stay at home anymore.

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